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Veto Overrides - 2021 Special Session

The following summary is of a few veto overrides from the 2021 Special Session of the Maryland General Assembly.

To read a full list of vetoed bills that were acted on in the Special Session please see the PDFs below.

Building a Strong Middle Class

· SB 746: Strengthens community colleges in the State by providing collective bargaining for certain employees. Maryland’s Community Colleges serve the core of the middle class, providing opportunities for worker training at a critical time in our labor markets.

· HB 933: Allows Anne Arundel County to ensure there is affordable housing for lower to middle-income households by establishing the Housing Trust Special Revenue Fund to provide affordable housing to moderate- and low-income individuals.

Removing Politics from the Parole Process

· SB 202: Ensures a professional commission makes parole decisions rather than the sitting Governor. The current process lacks transparency and leads to inequality in the outcomes of parole decisions.

Protecting our Neighbors

· HB 16: Protects those who are voiceless in our communities by ensuring unjust detention practices that profit off of incarcerating immigrants without just cause does not occur in Maryland.

· HB 23: Requires the State to deny inspection of certain records and facial recognition searches by a federal agency seeking access to certain immigration enforcement matters. ICE uses Maryland’s second-tier driver’s licenses to conduct warrantless immigration enforcement, often resulting in the deportation of Marylanders and the break-up of families in our State.

Tax Relief to Combat Inflation

SB133/HB319: Protects low- and middle-income families who are often hit the hardest by inflation by allowing jurisdictions to impose the county income tax on a bracket basis.

Congressional Districting Plan (HB1):

DLS-Veto Overrides December 6 2021
Download PDF • 228KB

DLS-Veto Overrides December 7 2021
Download PDF • 181KB

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