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FCAA honors founder Seaven Gordon

Dozens of community leaders and citizens gathered in the Frederick Community Action Agency on Wednesday afternoon to recognize its 50 years of service and the man who helped found the organization.

Seaven Gordon, a nearly lifelong Frederick resident, was honored by local and state officials for his work forming the FCAA in 1968 after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Gordon offered his thanks for the recognition and said his faith continues to help him in caring for the community.

“I am thankful that He saw fit to give me just another day,” Gordon said. “I am thankful that He saw fit to give me the strength, the knowledge to continue to try to make things better for those who are coming behind me.”

State Sen. Ron Young, whose relationship with Gordon extends back decades, said Gordon’s humility and consistency has made him and the FCAA successful.

“He never sought the spotlight,” Young said. “He was just there, working for his community and doing his thing and you could always count on him. He was strong, stoic, and constantly working and fighting for the community down here.”

County Executive Jan Gardner, Mayor Michael O’Connor, Delegate Karen Lewis Young and representatives of Sen. Chris Van Hollen and Rep. John Delaney thanked Gordon for his commitment to Frederick.

Gordon’s sister Rosie Gordon Washington said she was happy to see her older brother acknowledged for his role in improving Frederick.

“It’s good to see persons recognized, persons being given their flowers while they can see them, while they can smell them and while they can hear them,” she said.

Mike Spurrier, FCAA executive director, and board members Robert Mannis and Louise Lynch also thanked community groups for their support of FCAA. The groups included Wegmans, Whitesell Pharmacy, Ausherman Family Foundation, Community Foundation of Frederick County, George L. Shields Foundation, Joseph D. Baker Foundation, William E. Cross Foundation and G. Frank Thomas Foundation.

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