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Improving Maternal Health Care

I support a woman's right to choose what's best for her body and her health care. All women must be supported in their pregnancy and postpartum.

Our maternal mortality rate is significantly higher than many other developed Nations. This is unacceptable.

Too many women are reported feeling traumatized by their birth. It should be one of the happiest days in a woman's life. Not one of her most traumatic ones.

1 in 3 women give birth by Cesarean. This is too high and exceeds standards.

We must put an end to this by expanding women's health coverage. We need more midwives. We need more independent birth centers. We need health insurance companies to cover Midwifery care -in the home setting in the birth center setting and in hospitals. We need Medicaid to cover home births and birth center births.

I supported expanding Midwifery care in Maryland when we pass legislation in 2015. I support removing barriers and eliminating unnecessary red tape to midwifery care.

Women must be heard and respected. As your Senator, I will continue to champion for women's rights in Annapolis.

Be sure to let your representatives know what you need. Never forget that your elected officials represent you. We work for you.

You need to let us know what we can do to best serve you.

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