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Young's accomplishments stand out

Market Street underground wiring, Carroll Creek flood control project, Harry Grove Stadium, Tivoli Theatre renovation and reuse, historic B&O Railroad station renovation and reuse, Francis Scott Key Hotel renovation and reuse, Weinberg Center for the Arts, Frederick Community Action Agency, Clustered Spires Golf Course, Maryland Smart Growth program, East Side Rising planning project, city offices moved to the old courthouse, downtown Frederick parking garages, and downtown Frederick revitalization.

What do all these things have in common? They are projects started or spearheaded by Ron Young, former Frederick mayor (four terms) and current senator.

Ron Young is running for re-election as state senator in Legislative District 3 against Jennifer Dougherty and Jennifer Brannan in the Democratic primary, and in the general election against Republicans Craig Giangrande or Billy Shreve.

How do the “accomplishments” of Dougherty, Brannan, Giangrande, and Shreve in bettering Frederick stack up against those of Ron Young?

Originally appeared in the Frederick News Post

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