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The 2018 gubernatorial campaign has begun. I am the number one target of the five State Senators that the Governor and the Republican Party have identified to defeat. Many people have already received a negative push poll that asks how you feel about the Governor and then proceeds to present misinformation about my record. The goal is to attempt to transfer support for the Governor to the winner of the republican primary for Senator of the Third District, which I represent.

I received word from a state legislator, who doesn’t approve of these negative attacks, that these tactics launched against me and four other Democratic State Senators will only escalate. I was also warned to expect the propaganda to get “dirtier” as the campaign leads into next year. Many of the assaults will come from an unidentifiable organization, which will receive indirect funding from the Governor and the Republican Party. This approach will be utilized so that they can disclaim knowledge and responsibility for the distortions.

I intend to run a positive campaign based on my record. I stand by my votes in the Senate. I will continue to support education, the creation of good jobs for working families, affordable health care for all, sustainable transportation strategies, the environment, and the people of my district. I will not support administration bills that are put forth with the pretense of being good for Maryland when they actually support the agenda of the privileged elite.

I have played a leading role on the passage of two bills that the Frederick Chamber of Commerce designated as their top two priorities. I have worked collaboratively with some members of our delegation to bring back tens of millions of dollars for education, transportation, and local projects. I represent my district and Frederick County to further our needs and values. I will always stand up for my community and each constituent’s individual rights. I will continue to solicit input from all those I represent in order to address problems and inequities that you experience in your daily lives.

I will continue to conduct town hall meetings both in-person and through social media. As always, I am available to answer your questions and to fight for your interests in Annapolis. I sincerely hope that as misinformation is spread during the next sixteen months, you will contact my office or me so that we can give you straight and honest factual information.

Ronald N. Young

Senator, District 3

Published in the Frederick News Post on July 26, 2017

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