ANNAPOLIS — Big Brother may always be watching, but if a Frederick County lawmaker has his way, at least that won’t lead to you being forced to get implanted with a microchip.

Sen. Ron Young (D-District 3) testified in support of Senate Bill 944before the Senate Finance...

Maryland’s Republican governor has taken a succession of actions on climate change that put him in stark contrast to President Donald Trump and many in his party’s leadership. Gov. Larry Hogan pushed to ban hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. He has pledged his suppo...

Taka Amano is trying to introduce part of Japanese culture to Maryland.

Amano is among the first in the country distilling an alcoholic beverage called shochu. It’s a Japanese, vodka-like alcohol almost unknown in the United States. Amano hopes a bill being considered i...

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July 19, 2019

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